Outdoor theater has some unique challenges, weather being one of the biggest.  We have had only seven shows rained out in thirty-one (31) years of performances.  We will do everything we can to give the paying customers the show they have paid to see.  Our #1 priority is the safety of audience, cast and crew.  The #2 priority is the safety and well being of many thousands of dollars worth of expensive electrical lighting and electronic sound equipment . . . which may very well affect the safety of those operating such equipment.

Many times, we have thunderstorms in the afternoons that then clear off and leave us a very pleasant evening for a performance.  We will not cancel a show at 4 PM… 4 hours before curtain. Always plan that the show will go on as scheduled. Report for your call as usual, plan to do makeup and plan to get into your costume at the standard time.

If weather gets bad enough during a show, the Stage Manager, in consultation with the Director, Producer and other staff, makes the call as to whether to stop the show or not.  If the show is stopped, it will be held for 15-20 minutes, at which time it may resume if weather permits.  In this case, all cast members need to quickly gather costumes and props and get inside the ice rink building, out of the weather. Stay in costume, don’t change costume unless instructed, stay together and wait for instructions from senior staff. When the show resumes, all cast members must quickly get into position, with props ready. After the audience member are seated and ready to go, we will start the show… usually at the beginning of the scene where it was stopped. If the show is stopped again, it will be held for another 15-20 minutes and may resume if weather permits after that time.  If the show is stopped a third time, the Stage Manager may call the show and the performance will be ended.  If we have made it to intermission, the performance will be considered complete.

Make-up performances, if any, will be done at the sole discretion of the Producer in consultation with the rest of the production staff and the licensing organization.  Tickets have a lifetime guarantee and rain-check coupons will be given to attendees in the case of a cancelled show.  There are NO cash refunds! These rules and situations apply to both the cast/crew and their visiting audience.