Do I have to sell tickets?

Our tickets are all sold through a secure, online ticketing system so we don’t really have hard-copy hand-held tickets to sell as cast/crew members. We love for you to encourage family and friends to come to the show so get familiar with these step so you can help get your peeps get to the show.

How do I get tickets for my family or friends?

Each cast or crew member is entitled to four (4) complimentary tickets for the run of the show.  These will be issued to you in the form of a coupon that looks like a ticket but it is not! The coupon must be exchanged for an actual ticket at the amphitheater box office, online at, or at one of our ticket outlets; the (recently moved and renamed) Uintah County Heritage Museum or another location. You will be given a special code to complete the exchange online. You may give these to anyone, but they must be used before the last three nights of the show (right around the 4th of July) and they must be exchanged under your (the actor’s/staff member’s) name. After the date announced by the staff, they will not be valid.

What if my Mom/Spouse/Son wants to come to the show more than once?

Additional tickets for immediate family members who want to see the show more than once may by purchased at a discount price.   The family ticket is for those who live in your house… at your address. They are not available for every cousin, neighbor and school friend that you have. A way for family to get in to the show for free is to have them help usher or sell tickets (sign up with the box office or house manager). The family ticket may only be picked up at the box office, nowhere else and not online.

When can I pick up the tickets?

The amphitheater box office opens on show dates at 7pm. The earlier you get there, the better.

Can my family bring their own chairs?

No lawn, camp or folding chairs of any kind are allowed in the seating area in the Outlaw Trail Amphitheater during shows.  Strollers, wheelchairs (unless a wheelchair seat is purchased) crutches, baby carriers, bags, etc. must be stored in designated areas and may not be in the seating area or aisles.

Are we allowed to video the show… just to watch it home or so Grandma can see it?

Any use of video or audio recording devices of any kind (including cell phones) during the performance is strictly prohibited without written permission from the Uintah Arts Council. All performance rights organizations (such as Rodgers & Hammerstein) own the copyrights and the rights to perform the shows that they license for use, consequently these companies have very strict legal prohibitions written into their contracts against unauthorized use of cameras and/or recording equipment during their performance. This policy is stated on all programs. If you videotape it, and play it for your family or friends or make a copy for Grandma, you have violated the copyright laws of the U.S. and the fines for such infringement could be more than $200,000.00 and felony incarceration might result.