Pony Expresso or The Villain Came to a Grinding Halt

This hot melodrama is boiling over with puns and jokes galore!  The Pony Expresso, a friendly establishment run by Star Bright and Aunt Dee Caff, is struggling.  Their customers are buying their coffee at a lower price from the scheming Mo Cabana and Fifi Latte.  But the citizens are falling ill to an unexplained fainting disease.  (It’s strange…  they feel good ’til the last drop.)  Luckily, Buck Brawn, our handsome hero, bravely investigates the mysterious health dilemma.  Things come to a boil when Mo and Fifi hear that Star and Dee are destined to become rich — the railroad plans to make the Pony Expresso the new train station!  When Mo and Fifi devise a plan that almost destroys them, the beans are spilled.  Justice prevails as love brews between Star and Buck, who decide to marry and rename the Pony Expresso to honor their relationship:  Buckstar Coffee!  (Or something like that!)  This wild melodrama has the ultimate blend of fun characters!