8 Things You Need to Do

Step 1:   Look at the calendar. Determine if you can make the time commitment necessary for rehearsals and performances.

Step 2:   Fill out an audition form. You can access the form, print it off and fill it out, or…. fill out the form online, then print it out. Either way, bring it to auditions with you. You will keep the top page after your audition. You may click HERE or click “Audition Forms” above to access and print out a form This will save time at auditions… although you may wait until you get to auditions to fill one out (there will be forms available).

Step 3:   Find a song to sing at your audition… it’s musical theater, you know.


You MUST prepare a song to sing for your audition!  Please come prepared to sing part of a song that you have rehearsed (1 verse and 1 chorus) (no more than roughly 90 seconds) that will show off your vocal abilities.  Bring someone to accompany you on the piano, a “karaoke” sing-along CD or an mp3 player, iPod, iPad, iPhone or some type of smartphone. A sound system will be available to plug a device into or play a CD on. A piano will be provided also. *You need to make prior arrangements if you need an accompanist. You may accompany yourself on the guitar or piano or something but you may not sing a’ cappella (without an instrument of some kind). Do not bring a regular tape or CD and sing along with your favorite star. It won’t work! Coming to auditions unprepared may seriously hurt your chances of being cast!


1.   Vocal range (how far up and down the scale you can go comfortably).

2.   The ability to stay “on key” or pitch.

3.   Rhythm (can you count to 8 on the beat?).

4.   Projection (can someone at the back of the theater hear you?)

5.   Ability to take directions.

*You may be asked to sing something specific on the spot to clarify range or pitch.

Step 4:   Be ready to dance. That may many warming up and practicing a few things in advance. It will usually be a situation where the choreographer will lead you (or a group of auditioners) through a few steps to see how quickly you can pick it up and learn.

Step 5:   You may be asked to do a little cold-reading from the script–which will be provided for you in the audition. You will have a couple of moments to read through the lines to familiarize yourself with them. Practice your cold-reading skills by reading stories to someone and relax.

Step 6:   Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely. Bring layers to keep warm… the building is often quite chilly in the early spring. Blankets are fine, too. Costumes and/or props are not appropriate for auditions . . . we want to see you!

Step 7:   Allow some time! It’s unfortunate … but sometimes you have to sit and wait. Then again, if you make it into the cast, you will get used to sitting and waiting … a great time to study your lines, or read–or whatever.

Step 8:   Plan to have some fun! Fun and memories are the only things that we will really take with us when this is all over, so relax, loosen up, enjoy yourself and help others around you to do the same!

What if I can’t get to auditions on the dates that are available?

If you are away at school or deeply involved with something that just won’t let you get to our regular auditions–you can submit a video audition–or maybe even do it remotely over Skype. We are more than glad to try to adjust to your situation and make it as easy as possible. If you have never made a video and need some guidance, try this link to YouTube HERE and it will give you lots of ideas. Your video doesn’t need to be professional or high quality. And you can publish it as a private video so that the only people that can see it are those that you send a link to–no one else will see it.


If you would like to be involved with the play but don’t feel good about auditioning . . . talk to us anyway . . . we might be able to help… or we might be able to use you on the staff somewhere. It’s easy!


The commitment for the summer is fairly demanding. Rehearsals will begin on April 23, 2018, for some of the main characters in the musical… April 30, 2018, for the entire musical cast and in the first week of May 2018 for the melodrama… and regularly run Monday-Friday, 7-10 PM. Therefore, we need you from May until July 7th… that’s 10 weeks … 8 weeks of rehearsals and 2 weeks of performances. Various holidays, graduations, recitals, etc. will heavily affect the schedule, we know … but we (the show) need you. As the show gets closer (down to the last two weeks of rehearsals) things sometimes get really hairy and the time demands may become greater until we open the show. Please carefully consider the time commitment required … if we all dedicate the time, we’ll all have fun and put on a great show!