Most, if not all, of your costume(s) will be provided by the Outlaw Trail Theater. They are very expensive to build, clean and manage. One item may not cost much, but a hundred costumes in a show adds up to a lot of moolah. You may be asked, or you may volunteer, to provide certain things at your own cost. These items are yours and may be kept after the show ends. If you are asked to provide something and the cost is a burden or a problem, please talk to us… we’ll find a way to make it work.

Whatever the case, costumes need to be cared for. You will be asked to carefully launder many of your costumes (it’s your perspiration) on a regular basis. Problems with zippers, seams, buttons, hooks, tears or anything else should be reported to the costuming staff ASAP. All costumes will be checked out to you personally and you will need to account for every item as you check them back in after the final performance. Sometimes, certain costumes or pieces may be checked in during the final show after a scene where the costume will not be used again during the remainder of the show. Specific instructions will be given by staff. As a general rule, do not eat or drink anything but water while in costume.

All costumes need to be hung up on hangers or put away in the manner suggested after each wearing. Hats should be hung up or placed on a shelf (depending on the type). Shoes should be left in such a way that they can air out and dry out between wearings. Please always check and double-check backstage and make sure that all costume pieces are accounted for and taken care of after each performance. Hangers should be picked up off the floor (and the ground outside) and used again or returned to the costuming staff.  You, and you alone, are responsible for every piece of costuming issued to you. If you don’t take care of the belt, or hat, or shawl and suddenly don’t have it when it’s time for your scene on stage, no one else will magically step forward and present it to you just in time for your entrance. If not an actual printed list, at the very least you should have a mental checklist to go through before and after every show.


Everyone on stage will wear makeup… there is no argument… it’s part of theater. Our staff will find the color that you need and will probably order everything, makeup wise, that you need and provide it for you.

You will be asked to provide a few things for yourself. First, you will need to bring a container to keep your makeup in. A “Cool Whip” container (or something like it) around 12-16 oz. will work well. It doesn’t cost a lot and can be thrown away after the show ends. You need to write your name on the top and sides in large letters. This will usually be stored in the refrigerator when you’re not using it. The other main thing you will need to provide is baby/facial/makeup wipes of some kind to help you get the gunk off of your face. If other items are needed, the makeup staff will instruct you. If you wash off your makeup in the restrooms, or kitchen, please clean the sink and the counter before you leave. There is no one to clean up your mess!